Jonathan Bailey

Currently I'm a software engineer working at Tesco, working on an iOS app in Swift. I've recently finish studying Computing MEng at Imperial College London. I’ve written a few tweaks for jailbroken iOS devices in Objective-C which I thoroughly enjoy programming in and learning about. I’ve also contributed to MediaCenterJS, which is a node.js based media centre. When I was 10 years old I discovered SimCity 4, and joined the modding community surrounding the game. I was invited to join the Network Add-on Mod team and initially developed the High Speed Rail Project, before being one of the lead modders on the Rail Add-on Mod. Modding sparking my interest in being able to customise software I use everyday. I love creating software that makes things easier for people everyday. I’ve grown up helping people to use technology, and understand many of the frustrations people have with it. I believe technology should just work (yet still be customisable!), such that it makes our lives easier.
  1. iPad Development Notes 29 Apr 2019 programming
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